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About Speaker Kacey

Hello listeners, my name is Kacey and I am the creator and host of The Cult Vault podcast. 

This project started during the COVID-19 lockdown, which coincided with my maternity leave. At first, I believed the podcast would be myself researching cult cases from history and presenting them to those who might be interested in listening. But as survivors began reaching out I realised my platform had turned into something more - a place for stories to be told and for me to listen.

About the Podcast

The Cult Vault is planned, researched, scripted, edited and uploaded by me. It is my hope that the podcast can become financially viable to the point where I can work with survivor charities and find more ways to support cult victims other than just lending a listening and interested ear.

About the website

This website, over time, will become a resource for survivors of various sects throughout history and the world. The overall aim is to provide links to websites, memoirs, forums and testimonies that can provide guidance and support for those recovering from life within a cult. 

Have a recommendation for a site? Submit it on the "Get in touch" page.

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