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Jan 20th Miniseries - Rachel Bernstein LMFT, & IndoctriNation Podcast

Coming this week... January 20th Newsletter

Hello! I am your speaker Kacey, and welcome to this weekly update email from The Cult Vault Podcast. Every Friday a new mini-series drops onto the public podcast feed. In these emails I will tell you all about what to expect. What's coming this week? MINISERIES January 18th - A conversation between myself and Rachel Bernstein LMFT of IndoctriNation Podcast. For this week, both podcasts will release the conversation that took place between both hosts. We talk about our podcasting journeys, changes in perspective and mindset and Rachel's incredible work around Cult Intervention and what this truly looks like in a safe and positive environment. Amongst Rachel's therapy and intervention work, she also produces webinars as resources for help and healing from various experiences. You can find Rachel's work here - Podcast - Rachel Bernstein LMFT, MSEd (

CELEBRITY SERIES Did you know that I have launched a Celebrity Series within the Cult Vault Podcast? Each month I do a deep-dive into a celebrity who has significant allegations of coercion and/or abuse against them. Individuals who are considered celebrities often come with a reputation, status, power, money and influence. Sometimes these things are used for good. Sometimes these positions are exploited at the expense of vulnerable people. The series started with Jared Leto who has been regularly accused of harassing and abusing young women. The next was Ezra Miller who again, has been accused often of grooming, harassing and abusing fans. The next episode coming January 20th is the case of R Kelly who was found guilty of sex trafficking and racketeering, using vulnerable girls and young women's dreams of being successful in the music industry as a way to take advantage. The episode chronologises Kelly's career and cult-like activities.

CRIMECON Now that 2023 is here, planning is well underway to make this year's CRIMECON UK the BEST one yet. Last year was the most incredible experience. I got to meet fellow content creators, network with some of the best in the podcasting industry, conduct a live talk interviewing Elgen Strait of the Falling Out Podcast which was an at-capacity experience with people turned away! but mostly, I got to speak with attendees about cults, coercion and identifying/preventing such environments. After the day was done, patrons and creators, guest speakers and leading true crime figures would all get together for quiz nights, socialising and networking in the local restaurants and bars. I cannot wait for the weekend in June to do it all again. On the 10th and 11th in London, join us! Get 10% off your tickets today by using the code CULT at the checkout. International friends - there are services that Crimecon offers to arrange flights, transfers and organise your entire trip so that you don't have to! Patreon members can also ask me for a special 30% off code.

January 6th 2023 marks two years since the "Storm on the Capitol" - when various groups of Donald J. Trump supporters attacked the United States Capitol Building, under Trump's own encouragement, after he lost the 2020 Presidential Election to Joe Biden. This scene is how Mike's recent publication opens. "The Storm is Upon Us - How Qanon Became a Movement, Cult, and Conspiracy Theory of Everything" - is this month's giveaway title and is widely available to purchase today. You can find your copy here: -

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