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Two Years Since The Election Was "Stolen"!

Coming this week... January 6th Newsletter

Hello! I am your speaker Kacey, and welcome to this weekly update email from The Cult Vault Podcast. Every Friday a new mini-series drops onto the public podcast feed. In these emails I will tell you all about what to expect.

What's coming this week? January 6th - Interview with Conspiracy Culture Expert Mike Rothschild. Who would have thought that one day there would be professional conspiracy theory de-bunkers whose entire job is based around looking at Internet Culture and ascertaining what is true and what is most likely to be false.

Mike Rothschild has this exact job, along with journal columns and published books to back up his research, most notably on the ever-shifting phenomenon that is Qanon. For this week's miniseries I chat with Mike about his work, writing and how he has even become the subject of conspiracy theories in the deep pockets of the world wide web due to the nature of his journalism. This conversation came about after Anti-MLM expert and host of the "Life After MLM" podcast interviewed Mike and then kindly put us in touch. Roberta is doing awesome work and you can find her show here - Roberta Blevins

January 6th 2023 marks two years since the "Storm on the Capitol" - when various groups of Donald J. Trump supporters attacked the United States Capitol Building, under Trump's own encouragement, after he lost the 2020 Presidential Election to Joe Biden. This scene is how Mike's recen

t publication opens. "The Storm is Upon Us - How Qanon Became a Movement, Cult, and Conspiracy Theory of Everything" - is this month's giveaway title and is widely available to purchase today. You can find your copy here: - Tune in to this week's miniseries to hear me

talking to Mike about all things Qanon and Conspiracy Theories. If you would like early access to ad-free, full-length episodes, you can find me at where you can support the show from only £1 a month!

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