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Survivor Resources

This page is a list of resources for survivors of sects who are looking for community and peer support. It can be a great help to talk with other people with similar experiences who may be able to assist with any thoughts or feelings a survivor may have. 

The overall vision for this page is to link to various cult survivor networks, forums, website links and memoirs in the hope that anyone looking for help will be able to easily find it here.

This list is not finished and we are always updating as new information is found.

Cult Resource Websites


Academic Resources

General Support Websites

Spiritual Abuse Support

Spiritual Abuse Group Facebook

Recovering From Religion

Recovering From Religion Helpline

A Guide to Complex C-PTSD - The Recovery Village Columbus


Combating Cult Mind Control by Steve Hassan 1988 (pdf)

Recovery From Cults by Michael Langone 1995 (preview)

Cults in our Midst by Margaret Singer 1996

Escaping The Rabbit Hole by Mick West 2018

Conspiracy Theory Handbook (booklet, pdf)

Take Back Your Life: Recovering From Cults & Abusive Relationships by Janja Lalich 2009

Heaven's Gate: America's UFO Religion by Benjamin E. Zeller



Ex-Pentecostal Subreddit


Josh Spiers - Ex-UPCI Testimonial Website

Why I Left - Memoir Website


Unification Church

How Well Do You Know Your Moon - Watchdog Site

Falling Out with Elgen Strait - Podcast

Nib Comic Post by Teddy Hose

Moonwebs by Josh Freed

Heavenly Deception by Maggie Brooks

The Making of a Moonie by Eileen Barker

Jehovah's Witnesses

Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses Subreddit

JW Facts


Ex-Fundamentalist Subreddit

Leaving a Fundamentalist Church

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)

Legal Proceedings Against ISKCON - Daily Mail

ISKCON Exposure -

ISKCON Explosure -

ISKCON Explosure -


Ex-Jewish Subreddit

Israel Based- The Right to Choose

Israel Based - Out for Change

US Based - Footsteps

US Based - Freidom

UK Based - Gesher

UK Based - Mavar

Canada Based - Forward

Advocates for Fair Education

Off The Derech - Facebook Group



Ex-Muslim Subreddit

Ex-Muslim Support - Faithless Hijabi

Faith to Faithless


Ex-Scientology Subreddit

A&E Youtube Coverage - Leah Remini

The Aftermath Foundation


Ex-Christian Subreddit

The Broken System and the Nature of Power

The Root of All Evil in the Broken System

The Broken System: Change From Within (Is Impossible)

The Broken System: Asking the Right Questions

Evangelical Churn: The Real Goal vs. the Stated Goal

The Poison of Undeserved Power

Roy Moore and the Real Virtues of a Broken System

The Sad Stories of Believers Disappointed by Non-Apocalypse


Religious Subreddits

Ex-Adventist Subreddit

Ex-Catholic Subreddit

Ex-Lutheran Subreddit

Ex-Latter Day Saint

Ex-Evangelical Subreddit

Ex-Baptist Subreddit

Ex-Iglesia Ni Cristo Subreddit

Ex-Zion Subreddit

Ex-Hindu Subreddit


Ex-Mormon Subreddit

Ex-Mormon Website

Mormon Spectrum

SunStone Magazine

Letter For My Wife

CES Letter - My Search For Answers to My Mormon Doubts

Mormon Think

Troubled Teen Industry

Troubled Teen Subreddit


CEDU Legacy and Resources

Lathrop Lybrook Testimonal 

Zack Bonnie's Dead, Insane or In Jail: A CEDU Memoir

Paris Hilton Documentary

Liam Scheff - Youtube Channel

The Group - Documentary

What is the Troubled Teen Industry?

FAQ’s about the Troubled Teen Industry

Survivors of Institutional Abuse

The Troubled Teen Industry Watchdog

The HEAL Program Watchlist

WWASP Survivors

New Horizon Ministries Survivors


Being Transported


Help at Any Cost

Surviving Straight Inc

Secret Prisons for Teens

Program Red Flags

Minimum Standards for Teenage Healthcare

The Dangers of Wilderness Programs

Books on the Troubled Teen Industry

Films, Documentaries and News Reports

The Program Watchlist

Soka Gakkai International

Soka Gakkai International Whistleblowers Subreddit

Is SGI a cult?

"No, Certainly Not a Cult!"

From the Recovery Room - Cult or Religion?

Crisis Cults: Their Authoritarian Prophet-Leaders and Those Who Wish To Be Led

Cult Warning Signs in SGI

Why SGI is a cult (according to Steven Hassan’s criteria)

The Definitive Analysis On Why SGI Is A Cult

SGI: Materialistic, Cultish - And Harshly Critical Of Other Buddhists.

9 Stages Commonly Encountered By Cult Members

"The Author Got 'Indoctrinated'. I got a deeply ingrained sense of personal responsibility."

Japanese Who Are Attracted to Cults

Do People Remain In Cults Because They're Afraid Of Disappearing?

Pyramid Schemes/Multi-Level Marketing

Anti Multi - Level Marketing Subreddit

Ponzinomics, the Untold Story of Multi-Level Marketing by Robert L. FitzPatrick

The Dream Podcast on iTunes/Stitcher

John Oliver's Video on MLMs

Rare Earth's Video on MLMs

Betting on Zero, a documentary that can be found on Netflix

How to Get a Friend Out of an MLM article from Vice

Elle Beau's Poonique Story

Pink Truth (Mary Kay)

Secret Sister Post & Infographic 

Where do MLMs Manufacture Their Products


Trump's America Through The Eyes of a Survivor 

Qanon Casualties Subreddit

Characteristics Associated with Cultic Groups

Coping with Cult Members

A Game Designer’s Analysis of Qanon

How To Talk Someone Out of a Damaging Cult

7 Ways To Talk To Qanon-Obsessed Loved Ones

Rescue A Loved One From A Cult: The Strategic Interactive Approach

The Qanon Conspiracy: Destroying Families, Dividing Communities, Undermining Democracy

If Your Friends or Family Have Fallen For An Internet Conspiracy Cult..

What To Do When Someone You Love Becomes Obsessed With Qanon

How To Talk To Conspiracy Theorists and Still Be Kind

How To Change a Person’s Mind With Science

Why Do Some People Believe in Conspiracy Theories?

How To Talk To People Stuck in a Conspiracy Theory Hellscape

How To Talk To Your Friends and Family About Covid, vaccines & wearing masks

How To Respond To Your Family's Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

What To Say If People You Love Believe Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

Qanon and the BITE model - Behavior, Information, Thoughts & Emotions

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