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Welcome to the Cult Vault Podcast

Deep Dives into Infamous Cults and Interviews with Cult Survivors, The Cult Vault has been running since May 2020 and the deep dive episodes are Researched, written, recorded, edited and uploaded by me, and the interview episodes are sourced, planned, recorded, edited and uploaded by me too!

I'm your speaker Kacey and as you can see by the list of episodes below I have put a great deal of work into bringing the acts of cults and high control groups out to the masses. While I started off solely doing deep dives into the infamous cults (Jonestown, The Manson Family, The Moonies etc.) I Quickly realised that Cults and Coercive Control is a much bigger topic than I could have imagined! from my first interview with a survivor I realised that this was the best way to truly learn about how people get sucked into these groups.

I try to keep the focus of all interviews on the survivors story from their point of view. Their background, upbringing and time in the group. My main aim is to spread awareness about these groups and show the listeners just how easy it is to fall into them. So I do try to steer away from the more gruesome content of peoples stories - While these parts are important I think it would be uncomfortable all around to make guests relive these experiences for our entertainment. Sometimes, though, these parts are unavoidable, so I will try and present a trigger warning wherever any truly upsetting topics are going to appear.

As the list of episodes below is very large, and growing all the time! I have curated some playlists which separate the episodes into their respective groups. I hope you enjoy your time with The Cult Vault podcast! look forward to hearing your feedback.


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